605 S. Greeley Highway, Suite 1, Cheyenne, WY 82007

Veterans’ Rock Mission:
• Rock solid support for homeless veterans, veterans in need, and their families.
• We will be their foundation on which to build a new household and a new life.
• We will give them substance and nourishment.
• We will be their staff to help guide them through tough times offering useful information and ways to communicate.
• We will help to lessen the burden of mental injury and fight to overpower veteran suicide through a welcoming presence in a warm, comfortable environment.
• They fought for our freedom; now we must to help them live free of everyday burdens in small, but impactful ways.

Happy Holidays!
Veterans' Rock is starting 2024 with a new look for the veterans we assist. We have replaced our thrift store with a more private reception and waiting area for veterans to come into for assistance. We now have three small in-take cubicles in which to talk with veterans to assess their needs and even better, to congratulate them on the progress they have made toward a home and financial independence. We are so thankful for those veterans who have done the work to accomplish great things for themselves and their families. 

But most of all, we are very thankful for all of you from all over Wyoming, northern Colorado, eastern Nebraska, and beyond. Without your generosity we could not have helped the veterans who have come to us for assistance; we simply could not have. You, our community, are to be congratulated on the accomplishments you have made happen here at Veterans' Rock! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

From all of us here at Veterans' Rock--we are honored to be here for our veterans!

Veterans Rock