Membership Recruitment Planning Meeting

Jim Bush - 2/11/2020

The weather was warm so it must have been last summer when Veterans of Foreign Wars Frontier Post 11453 Commander Jim Rish announced the total number of members in our post was about 65; none argued with the loosely presented fact. Rish followed by explaining the importance of membership to a VFW Post, his audience quietly nodded in agreement. As he called for an increase to our post membership we again nodded. Next he laid out a challenge by calling for the membership of Post 11453 to reach 100 members by the end of the year. He explained, either each member could recruit one member or our active members will need to recruit 3-4 new members. At this some heads nodded north-south while others shook east-west.

  The challenge is not an easy one, but to survive as a post and a national organization membership is vital. Our post membership in May 2019 was 66 members, since then we have recruited some new members, Frank transferred in today, Feb 11, 2020, but unfortunately we have lost some members as well, our current membership is 63 members, including Frank.


  With that fresh reality, one must wonder is the challenge provided by Commander Rish still obtainable. Is it possible to increase our post membership by 33% and reach 100 members by the end or our VFW year--June 30?


  Each of us has succeeded in tough challenges in the past, we will do so now, and we will continue to do so; for that is what we do! This challenge is no different, it will not be achieve by itself, somebody else will not do this for us; It will only be accomplished if we will it.


  I ask for you to help us achieve this challenge. I expect maximum participation from Post 11453 members, but we need help from everyone. To help you don’t have to be a VFW member; you don’t even have to be a military veteran, just bring a positive attitude and have a willingness to assist. Please join us.

·        Sunflower Room (3rd Floor), Laramie County Library, 2200 Pioneer Ave, Cheyenne

·         February 18, 2020 7PM (brief 60 minutes)

·        The hope is to listen and lay out a plan for speedy action to obtain our goal.


  Thank you, I hope to see you in attendance.



Jim Bush

Junior Vice Commander

VFW Frontier Post 11453





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