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Pearl Harbor Food Drive

Trish - 11/11/2021


Food Drive for Veterans on December 7th

Remember our Veterans on

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

and help those who are experiencing food insecurity

Please drop off non-perishable food at Veterans’ Rock
605 S. Greeley Hwy
December 7, 10:00 to 4:00

Sponsored by

Veterans Rock


VFW Post 11453

Call 805-757-2125 or 307-421-6450

for information or to organize food pick up






Little Pantry

Jim Bush - 10/11/2021


Little Pantry Set up and ready for use!


Well done. Thank you to everyone involved with this project.


 Competition closed.



Artist Call: Little Pantry

 VFW Post 11453 and Veterans’ Rock are seeking an artist (team of artists) to decorate/finish a Little Pantry that will be placed in front of the Veterans’ Rock facility, 605 S. Greeley Hwy, Suite 1, Cheyenne; across from Safeway.

Little Pantry at St. Mark's 

History:In 2017, Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church (1908 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY) built eight identical Little Pantries. St. Mark’s has provided these Little Pantries to Cheyenne organizations/businesses to maintain for the benefit of any people in need. Recently St. Mark’s offered the eighth Little Pantry to Veterans’ Rock/VFW Post 11453. We are keen to promptly place this Little Pantry into service for all to use.


Outline:Both organizations are nonprofit with little funds available to support this project. We are very grateful to the people of our community who have helped us with our past activities and now call upon the artists in our community to help us with this project. We are able to award $150 for supplies or compensation for work; additionally we are willing to work with the artist(s) to solicit the donation of required art materials.



  • Now: Accepting submissions
  • Deadline extended, submissions due 31 July, 2021 Deadline Extended
  • August 12-18, 2021: Judge/Selection
  •  August 31, 2021: Artist work complete
  • August 31-September 11, 2021: Fill the Little Pantry Food Drive
  •  September 11, 2021: Place Little Pantry into service


Details:We would like a patriotic theme to our Little Pantry. Most of the material used to construct the Little Pantry is plywood, millwork, and acrylic sheet. We would like for the paint or whatever materials used to finish our Little Pantry to be able to withstand the harsh outside elements of South Greeley Highway for five years before needing further attention. To help you in the designing process we have provided some photographs and dimensions of the Little Pantry. If you would like to see a Little Pantry in use there is one outside of St. Mark’s Church.


To enter: ....


Include in submission:

·        Information about the artist(s): name, contact info, and examples of past work—if any.

·        Design image and/or explanation.

·        Materials list.

·        For text based files a pdf is preferred; image files should be kept to a minimal file size, jpg, png,  pdf and hyperlinks are preferred.  


 Bare Little Pantry


Packet with Photos and Dimensions (pdf)


DROPBOX(include name in each file, or package/zip files)

Little Pantry Proposals


click logo or hyperlink for Dropbox

Competition closed.


Department Commanders on Tour

Rish - 7/7/2021

Meet the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Wyoming Commanders

Junior Commander, Senior Vice, and Commander

Saturday, July 10, 2021 12-4pm


Veterans' Rock

605 S. Greeley Highway, Cheyenne, WY 82007: additional parking available at Town & Country Liquors -- THANKS TOWN & COUNTRY

Come and meet your VFW State of Wyoming Commanders, voice your concerns about veterans issues, and enjoy some refreshments.

Sponsored by: Veterans Rock and your very own VFW Frontier Post 11453


click image to download flyer 


Memorial Day Activities

Jim Bush - 5/23/2021

  • Saturday, May 29, 9 AM - Place Flags: Every year American Legion Post 6 along with much help from our community places flags on Veterans graves at cemeteries throughout Cheyenne on the Saturday before Memorial (or Veterans) Day. If you would like to be involved show up at Beth El Cemetery (north-side of E Pershing Blvd & Seymour Ave); I recommend arriving 20 minutes early and parking at the Wyoming Air Guard Museum, just outside the cemetery gate.
  • Monday, May 31, 11 AM - Memorial Day Ceremony at Flag Poles in Beth El Cemetery. My understanding is for 2021 the ceremony will be brief. Last I knew they were limiting vehicle entrance into the cemetery to handicap persons only for the ceremony. If it is at all possible arrive early and park outside the cemetery or across the street. Also play close attention to the weather forecast and be prepared for all kinds of inclement weather.
  • Saturday, June 5, 9 AM - Collect Grave Flags. Similar routine to placing flags.


Craft Fair

Jim Bush - 5/19/2021

Comrade Trish has arranged for us to have a table at the Craft Fair on Saturday, June 5, 2021, 9AM - 3PM, at the Archer complex. We will be selling some craft items, distributing Buddy Poppies, accepting donations, recruiting members, and having a fun time while visiting with the great people of our community. It would be great to have 3-4 people there at a time.


Car Wash Fundraiser

Justin Tripp - 4/18/2021 post is having a fundraiser at the Breeze Thru Car Wash on Pershing Blvd on Sunday, May 23, 2021, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. We will earn money for every car that goes through during that time and we will have a collection jar to receive donations. During the four hour period, we are required to have at least 10 volunteers at all times. There is no washing, drying, or any labor, our purpose is to advertise and encourage people to get their car washed. We are required to have sign holders to display our organization and someone to man the collection jar.

We will have Poppies for donations during the fundraiser.

Here is how you can help:

  • Make and donate signs to display during the car wash. If you are interested let me know and we can discuss details.
  • Volunteer to work during the shift. Send me the times you can work (if you know someone, even non-members, that can help, let me know).
  • Encourage your friends to come and get a car wash and make a donation.
  • If you can't volunteer, get your car washed during our time to help increase our bottom line.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your time!


Breeze Thru Car Wash Fundraising Agreement


More Breeze Thru Fundraising Information


sign up to help below


Thank you for you interest, but this event is over. It was very successful. Thanks to Bill, Rex, Jim, Wayne, Al, Jason, Jim, Traci, and special thanks to Justin and family, Trish and East High School JROTC, the staff at Breeze Thru, and the generous people of our community.


Car Wash Sign-up Sunday, May 23, 2021 1-5 PM, Breeze Thru Car Wash 3515 E Pershing Blvd.


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This chart shows workers (numbers on left) to indicates how many people volunteered to work at the time periods (bottom) indicated. The chart may take 20 minutes or more to update.


Sign-up below



 Buddy Poppy main page









Post-Election Results

Jim Bush - 4/13/2021

April 13, 2021

VFW Frontier Post 11453


Election Results 2021-2022

Commander: Justin Tripp

SVC: Jason Maas

JVC: Russ Ruiz

Quartermaster: Wendy Worrell

Chaplain: Mary Lee Dixon

1 Year Trustee: Trish Peoples

2 Year Trustee: Wayne Jones

3 Year Trustee: Dennis Dixon


2020-2021 Post Officers

Commander: Jim Bush

Senior Vice Commander: Al Dyke

Junior Vice Commander: Jason Maas

Quartermaster: Justin Tripp

Chaplain: Mary Lee Dixon

1 Year Trustee: Wayne Jones

2 Year Trustee: Russ Ruiz

3 Year Trustee: Rex Daniels

*Adjutant: Trish Peoples

*Service Officer: Trish Peoples

*Judge Advocate: Jim Rish

*Surgeon: William Staten

* Indicates appointed officers


Congratulations to the newly elected officers, thank you for your continued devotion to the Post. Sincere thanks to all who have supported our Post during this especially challenging year.

 Post Officer Duties


New Digs

Jim Bush - 3/28/2021  The lease for Post 11453 to meet and store our belongings at the Orchard Valley Community Center will expire at the end of March 2021.  At the regular post meeting in January our Post membership voted to move to Veterans’ Rock.

  Over the past few years the folks at Orchard Valley have treated our Post very well. We truly thank them for their hospitality. We have enjoyed celebrating events together such as Constitution Day and our Post Picnic; we hope to continue celebrating with them at our new location. The main con to Orchard Valley Community Center was the acoustics within the room, especially for people who have difficulty hearing. Additionally, in the winter, the room was cold when the furnace wasn’t running and loud when it was running. All this with COVID mask requirement really made communication extremely difficult.

  Our new location at Veterans’ Rock has challenges of its own. Primarily the large meeting room is up a long flight of stairs and the room is not yet finished. However, the acoustics are better and we can help finish the room to work for us. Additionally, we can use a smaller downstairs room when we have members/guests who cannot safely use the stairs.  Another con is we have a month to month lease because Veterans’ Rock does not own the facility and they rent on a month to month basis.  

  On Saturday, March 27, 2021 a few post members moved our Post belongings to Veterans’ Rock. Special thanks to Wayne, Jim R., Jason, and Jim B. for labor and vehicle use; and Justin for delivering the rent check.

  Not only will this move bring us closer to the fellow veterans we have pledged to support; it will help strengthen the partnership with these fine organizations.  Please join us at our next meeting. Our regular post meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM, new meeting location Veterans’ Rock 605 S. Greeley Highway Suite 1, Cheyenne, Wy 82007 (across from Town & Country/Safeway).

  We are looking for new members; join us. See our membership webpage for more information.

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