POST 11453


Volume 2, Issue 5: March 2021

Post Meeting

Reminder: Our monthly Post meeting will be held Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 7PM, at the Orchard Valley Community Center. This is scheduled to be our last meeting at Orchard Valley as the Post will be moving to Veterans Rock later this month. Also this meeting will have Post Officer Nominations. We will likely follow the same procedures as we have in recent years with nominations will opened at the Nominations meeting and remaining open until the Post Election meeting (next month). Maximum participation is essential for the success of our Post.


Post 11453 Mourns the passing a long time Post member Vincent "Ben" Hernandez, Jr. See our Taps page for more information.


The post gained two new members: Don and Wendy Worrell. 



VFW Post 11453 – February 9, 2021


The Commander called the meeting to order at 7:05.  The following officers were present: Commander Bush, SVC Dyke, JVC Maas, Adjutant Peoples, Chaplain M. L. Dixon, Trustee Jones and Trustee Daniels. All other officers excused due to COVID 19. Comrades D. Dixon and Hoehn were also in attendance.

Comrade Jones made a motion to approve the January minutes. It was seconded, and motion carried.

Comrade Peoples made a motion to approve the January Quartermaster’s report. Motion was seconded and approved.

Comrade Maas made a motion to accept two new members: Don and Wendy Worrell.

Comrades in distress: Jason Maas spoke about the health of (his grandfather) Comrade Earl Reynolds.

Old Business:

Wendy Worrell spoke about Veterans’ Rock. Starting in April, our post meetings will be held there, pending a written notice to the Department Commander and members of the post.

Comrade Jones had more bracelets and keychains for the members to purchase/sell.

New Business:

Commander Bush reported that about 5 PM today he discovered the Orchard Valley Community Center shed had been broken into. Lock mechanism had been broken off; the shed is currently unable to be properly secured. He reported this discovery to Orchard Valley Community Association President, Robert Martinez, who in turn notified the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department. The shed contains the following post property: A supply of Poppies, 3 folding tables, folding chairs, and other Poppy related items, Post sign, US and VFW Post 11453 flag, LP Gas Grill, numerous awards/plaques, the Post Charter and Charter member document, 3 file crates of post records/files. It appeared to Bush that some Poppy items had been rummaged through, but it did not appear that any post property had been missing or damaged. A Laramie Deputy responded to the location and documented information from Martinez and Bush and took photos. Martinez stated he would have the lock fixed at the earliest opportunity. Bush secured Post Charter and Charter member document, and the 3 file crates of post records/files in his vehicle. During the Post meeting Bush stated if post members were concerned about the remaining post property being left in the unsecured shed they should take it upon themselves to secure the items with them at their residence. No interest. At the conclusion of the meeting the flags were secured in the Orchard Valley Community Center office.

Comrade Peoples made a motion to send the minimal amount ($100) to the VFW’s Veteran and Military Support Program. This would put us in contention for an All American Award. The motion was seconded and approved.

Commander Bush announced Post Officer Nominations are scheduled to open at the March 9, 2021 with Elections scheduled for our April 13, 2021 post meeting. Bush further stated that while he plans to continue being involved with VFW activities, he will not serve as a VFW officer at any level next year. He passed out copies of a blank post’s election report, and a post membership roster and asked everyone to find members to fill all the positions.

National Home prayer was said.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting March 9, 2021.


Trish Peoples, Adjutant


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