POST 11453

Volume 1, Issue 5: June 2020

Post 11453 General Membership Meeting Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 7 PM

The second Tuesday is a bit early this month.

For our meeting to comply with Wyoming Public Health Order #2, updated May 27, 2020, will require some minor actions on our part.

  • If you feel ill, or at risk please stay home.
  • I don’t expect our meeting attendance to exceed 25 people; in fact we will likely be able to easily social distance ourselves inside our meeting location. If we are going to be closer than six feet we will be required to wear a medical type mask.
  • Sorry no snacks; if you wish to bring your own drink please bring it in a close-able container.
  • To take notes bring paper and pen.
  •  Sneeze/cough into your elbow (away from others) and wash your hands frequently
If you missed the April 10, 2020 meeting: we elected and installed new Post officers.
Elected: Commander- Jim Bush, Senior Vice Commander - Al Dyke, Junior Vice Commander - Jason Maas, Quartermaster – Justin Tripp, Chaplin – Mary Lee Dixon, 1st year Trustee - Rex Daniels, 2ndyear Trustee - Russell Ruiz, 3rdyear Trustee - Wayne Jones.

Appointed: Adjutant - Trish Peoples, Service Officer - Trish Peoples, Surgeon - Bill Staten, Judge Advocate - Jim Rish

This month’s meeting

If you have anything for the agenda for this meeting please let me know. Even if you will not be attending please let me know if you have something you would like brought before our membership.

  • Reminder our Post By-Laws set a Quorum at 5 members
  • By-Laws

o  Login

o  Members only (Member number, last name)

o   Members Only

  • We will need to fill our standing committees:

o  Membership, Relief, Poppy, Publicity, Youth Activities, House, Americanism, Ways and Means, Community Activities, Safety, Bingo(?)

o  Our goal should be to have at least two members on each committee; additionally committees dealing with Post funds or property also require the Quartermaster to be on that committee

  • Our Post By-laws were last updated in 2015, during the next couple of months we will need to update, or eliminate our Post By-laws (and default to the National By-laws). FYI, to amend them requires each member be notified of the proposed amendment(s) at least 20 days in advance of the stated meeting and two-thirds vote of members present. Please read our By-laws over and voice your opinion about amending or kicking them
  • We requested Pine Bluffs Distilling to be one of our website sponsors
    • PBD said they would notify me by last Tuesday if our request was approved-Nothing
    • Website Sponsorship Program is detailed on our home page, near the bottom in the site sponsor section, click the Poppy, this page explains the program, and you can download a pdf of this information by clicking the first attachment, the second attachment is not really necessary, but looks kind of cool. If you know of anyone who may be interested feel free to pitch this to them or let me know. FYI we do not collect funds until after they are approved by the Post.  
  • Membership, the Post currently has 62 members we need more members
    • invite prospects to our next meeting/event
    • find membership info at About|Membership
  • With COVID-19 causing reluctance to hand out Buddy Poppies our Post Funds are extremely low
    • Please sell Raffle Tickets, Contact QM Tripp
    • Let’s hear your fund raising ideas
  • Voice mail on Post 11453 Google Voice June 8, 2020 1:40 PM
    • Scout: Hi, my name is Elizabeth Kid and I am with Troop 221G of the VSA. I am trying to get a hold of someone who would be willing to help me with a plan that I have for my Eagle Scout project. It has to do with making a system for veterans in the Lakeview Cemetery, so they're not miss during flags on and all. If you could please give me a call back. My number is 307-XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much and have a good day.
  • Attached are my notes for the recent District 5 meeting



Jim Bush

VFW Post 11453



District 5 Spring meeting, Post 2918 Torrington, WY

Call to Order: 10 AM, Saturday, May 30, 2020

Memo for Record from Commander Shannon, Jan 29, 2020 William Simmons relieved from Quartermaster duties because he is unable to effectively perform those duties due to health issues.

Minutes approved.

QM report approved


Commander: Rob Courtier 1881, Sr Vice: Rod Birkle 3558, Jr Vice: Dale Winston 4343, QM: Cheryl Shannon 11453, Chaplain: Louie Russ 2918, 3 year Trustee: someone from 4471.

Rod Birkle reported as National Council Member, and Council of administration. National Convention Canceled. Likely to be announced first week of June: Department WY Convention June 13, 2020 (one day only) Post 9439 Casper, 8 AM Council of Administration, 10 AM Business meeting, Agenda TBA, no awards presentation. Likely there will be a mini conference/convention in August 2020. VFW National law team is working on details for a legal way to allow the VFW to function during situations like COVID-19.

In regards to membership boosting ideas Rod mentioned Post 3558 will pay life membership dues for new life members with a contract for member to repay the post. (Something we can look into for 11453)

Officer Installation ceremony

Good of the Order

Don Mack 4471: briefed about the following programs: Vets in the classroom, Citizenship education, community service (Jim Rish), reporting form, Patriot Pen, Voice of Democracy, teacher of the year, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, EMT, Scout (most info can be found on in Education & Training.

Foy Jolley Jr 1881: talked about The Honor Flight program and High Plains Honor Flight. 970-301-8888

Marti Mace 1881: talked about Military BibleStick (audio book preloaded on a MP3 player, with ear buds, and AAA battery). I believe it is only the New Testament: King James Version, New King James Version, some in Española. She also mentioned New American Bible.  If we want some for giveaways we can contact her 630-5015

Adjourn about 11:45 AM next meeting TBD

Dist 5 Aux gave me a certificate and check for Gracelyn Farnham. I need assistance from Jim Rish to forward this to her.

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